Vulture populations on the rise in Nawalpur

vultures Vulture population
Vultures from surrounding areas, some of which are tagged, feed on a carcass provided at a vulture restaurant in southern Nepal. Image by Abhaya Raj Joshi.

Nawalpur, December 4

The vulture population has increased in Nawalpur.

This, people believe is due to the establishment of Jatayu Restaurant in Kawaswoti of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta-East) for the protection of endangered bird species, vulture.

A study has revealed that the number of vultures has increased by 400 per cent in the area due to the restaurant which was established with community engagement in 2006 for the preservation of vultures.

Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee Chairperson and conservationist DB Chaudhary informed that as many as 517 vultures were found in the areas as per the latest count.

“Seventy-seven vultures belonging to seven different species were observed just as the restaurant was about to begin,” said Chaudhary. “In the most recent study, 517 vultures spanning eight species were documented, along with the identification of 100 vulture nests in this location.”.

Chaudhary said the success of the vulture protection campaign has been achieved through collaboration and backing from the community, government, and international non-governmental organisations.

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