Karnali: UML’s one faction withdraws support extended to govt

A meeting of the CPN-UML parliamentary party in Karnali on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

Surkhet, March 17

The CPN-UML parliamentary party in the Karnali province has withdrawn the support it had extended to the provincial government.

Following the revival of the CPN-UML and the UML-Maoist Centre, which were functioning as one party since 2018, it was feared that the UML would withdraw the support in its bid to topple the government led by Maoist Centre leader Mahendra Bahadur Shahi. A meeting of the parliamentary party held in Surkhet made the decision accordingly.

Now, the chief minister has to either resign or prove the vote of confidence for him.

Meanwhile, the UML also directed its three leaders in the cabinet–Prakash Jwala, Dal Rawal, and Nanda Singh Budha–to step down within the next five days.

Ten out of 20 provincial lawmakers were present during the meeting today.

Nepal faction boycotts

Meanwhile, lawmakers close to the party’s senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal say they have not withdrawn the support.

They claim the meeting was not called as per the party statute, hence the decision would not be valid.

The faction had boycotted the meeting today.


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