Transitional justice: Sexual abuse survivors granted right to file complaints

transitional justice
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Kathmandu, October 10

Survivors of sexual violence during the Maoist conflict will now have the opportunity to file complaints for justice.

This provision has been included in the agreement reached by the parliamentary sub-committee in the bill aimed at amending the Enforced Disappearances Inquiry, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act

The sub-committee under the Law, Justice, and Human Rights Committee of the House of Representatives has reached an agreement that allows survivors of sexual violence during the Maoist conflict to file complaints.

Nepal’s transitional justice process has been in limbo for nearly two decades. Even the international community has begun to take notice that the survivors’ right to justice is being compromised within the judicial process. Experts have warned that if this process continues to be delayed, it may trigger international jurisdiction.

More than 2,000 women who suffered rape and sexual abuse were not even officially recognised as victims of the war.

These survivors have been exerting pressure on the relevant agencies to revise the bill in accordance with the standards set by international human rights law.

A law is also being established to set up a separate bench dedicated to transitional justice within the Supreme Court.

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