No amnesty for those involved in serious human rights violation: Gyawali

Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali

Kathmandu, December 13

Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has assured that the government will not give amnesty for those who are involved in serious human rights violation during the Maoist armed struggle while settling the cases through a transitional justice procedure.

Speaking in an online meeting organised by the Accountability Watch Committee and the Conflict Victims’ Common Platform on Sunday, Gyawali said the government was not in the favour of ‘forget and forgive’ policy.

“Whenever we try reconciliation tomorrow,” he said, “That would be possible in the consent of victims only. As it has been suspected outside, there cannot be any amnesty for serious human rights violation cases.”

The minister assured that the government was committed to completing the peace process at the earliest as per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Nepal’s commitments in international platforms, relevant Supreme Court orders, sentiments of the victims, and ground reality.

“Justice won’t die. The wait for justice has been quite long, but it will not go to waste.”

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