Theatre Village all set to stage Jagadish Ghimire’s Sabiti

Popular Indian theatre artist, Anuradha Majumder, will be featured as the lead character of the play. Image: Theatre Village

Kathmandu, June 27

Sabiti, a play based on Jagdish Ghimire’s magnum opus with the same title will be staged by Theatre Village at Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali from July 1 to 3.  

The play has been designed and directed by Bimal Subedi.

Popular Indian theatre artist Anuradha Majumder will be featured as the lead character of the play. Theatre Village is staging this play for the second time. Previously, it was staged in 2013.  

“The novel Sabiti written 47 years ago accurately captures the true nature of the myriad absurdities that continue to exist in society today,” says Subedi.

According to the lead actor Majumder, the story of the novel vividly dissects various ideologies and forms of globalisation, including patriarchy, social discrimination, political anomalies, education, and health

“Through the female characters, the play examines the direct repercussions of class structure, gender, ethnicity, and economic distribution when the society’s stratum deviates from the road of equality,” says Majumder.

The play explores several perspectives on the revolting society and has a nihilistic philosophical position. Sujan Oli and Sajan Kumar Sunuwar will be sharing the stage with Majumder.

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