Tense Kanchanpur town returns to normalcy; DAO preparing to end curfew

A road in Bhimdhutta Nagar of Kanchanpur district wears a deserted looking during the curfew on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

Kanchanpur, August 26

The town of Bhimdutta Nagar in Kanchanpur district is gradually returning to normalcy after a tension of few days over the rape and subsequent murder of a teenage girl around a month ago.

Tension had run high in the town for almost a week as locals staged demonstrations demanding that police take action against the guilty at the earliest. A teenage boy lost his life in a police firing during the demonstration on Friday.

After the Friday incident, all parties in the district held a meeting with the District Administration Office and the District Police Office in a bid to work together to add locals’ concerns. The meeting’s result is seen today as no demonstration has been held.

Meanwhile, Chief District Officer Tara Nath Adhikari says the DAO will end the curfew clamped during the daytime soon.

The curfew was lifted for five hours this morning.

The curfew is in effect since 10 am again, but Adhikari claims it was clamped again just because existing rules do not allow the DAO to end it at once.

“But, we have adopted the policy to gradually decrease its period and end it finally.”

On the other hand, the family of Sani Khuna, who was killed in the police firing, performed the funeral for him today after the government declared him martyr.

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