Temporary police for November elections: Applications are open now, here’re the details

File: Temporary police personnel recruited for an election
File: Temporary police personnel recruited for an election

Kathmandu, September 11

The government is recruiting 115,000 temporary police personnel for November 20 parliamentary elections.

The Nepal Police Headquarters issued an announcement on Sunday calling for applications for the positions.

Here are the details about the application procedure:


  • Application window: September 15-22, 2022
  • Contact date: September 23, 2022
  • Selection process: September 25-30, 2022
  • Result: October 11, 2022
  • Training: October 16-25, 2022
  • Service time: 40 days

Places to submit applications

  • District police offices


  • Nepali citizens above 18-54 years
  • Not convicted in any criminal case so far
  • Not a member of any political party
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Literate

Priority groups

  • Former personnel of Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police
  • Those with experience in security work in other countries
  • Temporary police from previous elections


  • Salary: Rs 34,760 9Per day: Rs 869)
  • Ration allowance: Rs 7,200
  • Uniform and other allowances: Rs 6,000 (rs 1,000 additional for the personnel mobilised in mountainous districts)
  • Transport allowance: Rs 1,000
  • Snack allowance: Rs 300 per day (for 4 days only)

During the local elections held on May 13 this year, around 100,000 temporary cops were hired out of nearly 300,000 applicants.

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