Rupa Sunar’s petition at Supreme Court demands Minister Shrestha sacked

File: Krishna Gopal Shrestha

Kathmandu, July 4

Journalist Rupa Sunar has filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court on Sunday demanding Education Minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha be sacked from the government.

Some days ago, Sunar had filed a complaint at the police against Saraswati Pradhan, a house owner in Kathmandu, claiming Pradhan denied her a flat on the basis of Sunar’s caste (for being a Dalit). Subsequently, police had arrested Pradhan for investigation, but Shrestha had put pressure on the police to release her.

Hence, Sunar now demands Shrestha be punished for committing an offence as per the Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability Act.

Because Shrestha influenced the investigation into such a serious case by misusing the government position and property, he should be removed from the position, she demands.

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