Rautahat: Dalit boy beaten black and blue ‘for writing a love letter’

A teenage boy is beaten black and blue in Durga Bhagawati rural municipality, in Rautahat, on Thursday, June 3, 2021. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Kathmandu, June 4

A teenage boy from the Dalit community has been beaten black and blue with his hands tied in Durga Bhagawati rural municipality-5 of the Rautahat district recently. The incident came into limelight after a video showing the incident has gone viral on social media.

The survivor has been identified as Bikas Paswan, an 11th grader whereas the assaulter is Kinsidev Giri, a resident of Durga Bhagawati-4. Witnesses say Kinsidev and his sons Santosh and Chhotu among others assaulted the boy on the charge of writing a love letter to a Tharu girl in the neighbourhood.

They say as a Dalit, he should not make efforts for a relationship with a Tharu girl.

“But, I don’t know what exactly it was about,” Durga Bhagawati’s ward 5 chairman Dharma Nath Chaudhary says, “I have not been able to take stock of it due to my busy schedule.”

The incident occurred on Thursday.

Meanwhile, SP Siddhi Bikram Shah of the District Police Office says two persons have been arrested for further investigation into the case.

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