Rajendra Lingden: Congress-RPP partnership is now broken

File: Rajendra Lingden

Jhapa, October 30

After Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad  Sitaula is not ready to leave Jhapa Constituency 3 for him, Rastriya Prajatantra Party’s General Secretary Rajendra Lingden says his party will not partner with the Congress in upcoming provincial and federal parliamentary polls.

Lingden was soliciting votes in the constituency claiming he would be the official candidate of the democratic alliance. But after the Congress party decided to field Sitaula, he said, “As there are two candidates from the single alliance in a constituency, the partnership is broken.”

Lingden says his party is unlikely to partner with the Congress in other parts of the country too. The party, however, is yet to announce the end of alliance.

Earlier, the Congress had agreed to support Lingden in Jhapa-3 and hence had included Sitaula’s name in the closed list of proportional representation candidates. But, Sitaula did not agree, forcing the party to remove his named from the PR list. Now, he is preparing to contest the first-past-the-post polls from Jhapa-3 for House of Representatives.

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