Public bus fare is likely to go up when the lockdown ends

File: New Bus Park, Kathmandu

Kathmandu, June 27

A government task force has recommended that the government increase the public transport fare as soon as possible so as to adjust it in accordance with various scientific measures.

Whereas most of the public transport has been suspended currently owing to the lockdown imposed to control the Covid-19 spread, it is now likely that a decision is made once the operation resumes.

It has been nine years since the nationwide public transport fare was revised for the last time. Therefore, transporters were demanding the government revise it as soon as possible.

Accordingly, the task force of the Department of Transport Management has also recommended the hike, informs the department’s chief Namaraj Ghimire. He says the department has already submitted its report to the Ministry of Transport Management for a needful decision.

Ghimire maintains the department has not recommended any specific rate for the hike. The transporters have been demanding a 40 per cent increase.

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