Province 1 Chief Attorney contracts Covid-19

Province 1 Chief Attorney Chudamani Acharya

Biratnagar, August 3

The Province 1 Chief Attorney, Chudamani Acharya, has contracted Covid-19. However, the source of the virus in him has not been traced so far.

A resident of Biratnagar-5 in the Morang district, Acharya, and two other members of the family have tested positive for coronavirus. Now, preparations are underway to send them to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan for treatment.

Acharya had experienced mild fever around 10 days ago. However, he was tested for coronavirus just on Sunday.

“The fever was over after I had had paracetamol tablets. Nevertheless, I was staying in isolation at home so that I would not infect the virus to others even if I had been infected,” Acharya says, informing his health status, however, is normal even now.

Acharya believes he got the virus from some security personnel or other officials during some recent meetings.

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