Ponds in Lalitpur: Centres of cultural, social and environmental importance you must visit

The enchanting district of Lalitpur has a collection of picturesque ponds that await your exploration. Nestled amidst the rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, these ponds in Lalitpur hold deep historical and religious significance.

Each pond tells its own story, exudes its charm, offers a unique experience to visitors and takes them on a journey to discover its beauty, history, and allure. Whether you seek tranquillity, spiritual solace, or simply wish to immerse yourself in the captivating surroundings, ponds in Lalitpur are sure to leave an indelible impression.

Here are a few ponds to visit next time you are in the city.


Nagdaha ponds in Lalitpur
Nagdaha in Lalitpur. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Nagdaha, also known as Nagpokhari, is a famous religious pilgrimage site located in Subba village, Dhapakhel, in Lalitpur. Situated about five kilometres away from Lagankhel, this sacred site is considered the abode of Nagraj Vasuki, the serpent king. This is also one of the ponds in Lalitpur that is believed to have formed during the formation of the Kathmandu valley.


Nhupukhu or Naupokhari is one of the historic ponds in Lalitpur located in Lagankhel, southeast of Patan Hospital. This pond was recently revived with local efforts, bringing new life into this ancient pond, which dates back to the Malla era. The pond holds cultural and environmental importance. It is a popular destination for birdwatching enthusiasts who visit to observe the diverse avian population.


Bojepokhari clicked on July 25, 2012. Photo courtesy: Amir Raj Thapa
Bojepokhari clicked on July 25, 2012. Photo courtesy: Amir Raj Thapa

Bojepokhari, located in Imadol, Lalitpur, is a pond believed to predate the civilisation in the Kathmandu valley. The locals believe that Bojepokhari or Ibidaha is one of the earliest natural ponds in Lalitpur formed with the creation of the valley. Originally known as Ibidaha, the pond played a significant role in giving Imadol its name. Despite its historical significance, Bojepokhari has only recently started to gain attention from people who visit the area to appreciate its natural heritage. However, there is still much to be uncovered and appreciated about this pond.

Nagbahal Pokhari

Nagbahal Pokhari is among those ponds in Lalitpur that are located in a more residential neighbourhood in Lalitpur. It is a rather smaller pond in comparison but is a peaceful retreat within the bustling city, offering residents and visitors a place to unwind and enjoy nature. The area is also popular for other social and religious events like Samyak Mahadaan.

Bhandarkhal Pokhari

Bhandarkhal Pokhari at Patan Museum. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Situated inside the premises of the Patan Durbar Square, Bhandarkhal Pokhari is among the significant ponds in Lalitpur. It is a pond with historical importance surrounded by ancient architecture, which adds to the beauty of the landmark. It even serves as a charming backdrop for the famous Durbar Square area. The pond’s presence adds to the cultural and architectural heritage of Patan, attracting both tourists and locals alike.


Deypukhu is among the notable ponds in Lalitpur located in the Bungamati area. The pond reflects the local lifestyle and culture and also holds a close relationship with the culture and traditions of the Rato Machhindranath temple. It serves as a focal point for community gatherings and cultural events, adding vibrancy and charm to the village atmosphere. The pond is decorated with images of different deities to add to the ambience.

Pimbahal Pokhari

Pimbahal Pokhari in Lalitpur. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pimbahal Pokhari is a small yet picturesque pond nestled in the neighbourhood of Pimbahal, Lalitpur. Moving through the houses built as per the traditional architecture and narrow alleys, one can reach the pond. The pond adds to the charm of this culturally rich area. It is a popular resting stop for youngsters and locals, there are also many cafes and restaurants to entertain the visitors. Its tranquil atmosphere and scenic beauty make it a favourite spot for locals to relax and spend leisurely moments.

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