6 New Year’s resolution ideas for Nepalis to consider right now

new year's resolutions
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As soon as New Year’s Day rolls in, people start making resolutions. It is all part of the ‘new year-new me’ trend. But, did you know that more than 90 per cent of people cannot or do not stick to their New Year’s resolutions?

People feel like New Year’s Day is an ideal time to start new, healthy habits, whether it is getting some fresh air and exercise, living healthier, getting happier and [whisper] losing weight on New Year’s Day. But, many fail because they set a very high ambition and fail to follow through.

But, here are a few New Year’s resolutions, in particular in the context of Nepal right now, that are easy to do and they will make your lives easier and happier.

1. Give one compliment a day

new year's resolutions giving compliments
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A simple statement can go a long way toward improving the recipient’s and your own moods. By giving someone a compliment, you share the love with people who are closest to you. It is possible that you have not told your significant other how beautiful their eyes are, or that you have spotted your child being polite to others. 

Compliments are a way of telling people you love them and value them in your life. So, put on a smile and spread the love.

2. Read a paragraph more every day

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Reading can be the best thing you can do with your time. No matter how busy you are, take the resolution to read one paragraph more than the day before. Slowly, you will develop a reading habit you always wanted to get.

Curl up with one of the top novels of all time or a new bestseller to kick off this new year. For a fun way to remain in contact, invite pals to a virtual book club. Reading is a beneficial habit that everyone should cultivate in their lives.

3. Go to new places

new year's resolutions travel nepal

Travelling or being a wanderlust must have been your resolution at least one time. But, travelling far and often might have been difficult for you.

So, keep the wanderlust in you alive and visit somewhere you have never gone before this New Year. If there is a destination you have always wanted to visit but have not been able to, this is the year to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions. But, if you cannot travel far, visit new restaurants or take a detour you have been avoiding.

4. Volunteer

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Start the year off properly by giving back to your community. One such way is to volunteer for different events and activities. Making others happy and giving you happiness too.

You might want to opt to clean up a public space like a park or the riversides, plant trees, serve meals to the hungry in meals organised around the temples, or be a part of a care home or an orphanage or old age home, volunteer at a blood donation programme or even local activities. 

5. Be hydrated

drinking water bottle and glass

Making a New Year’s resolution to drink at least two litres of water each day is one of the greatest methods to enhance your energy supply for exercise while also helping the body burn fat and avoid dehydration.

Hydration depends on your body’s needs. But, if you want to make sure that your body gets a standard amount of water, you can keep track of it or keep a reminder for yourself with apps on your smartphone.

6. Do yoga

yoga at home
File: Yoga at home

Yoga should be one of your New Year’s resolutions since it helps to improve the body and mind while also providing several health advantages. 

Yoga is most effective when performed over time. It is only through regular practice that the advantages become apparent. One of these advantages is the detoxification of the entire body. Yoga practice on a regular basis aids in the release of tension and toxins that have been accumulated in the body for a long time.

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