NEPSE hits 2131 points amid continued stock market growth


Kathmandu, May 22

The stock market has continued to grow for the past five trading days. On Wednesday, the market index NEPSE increased by 15.54 points, reaching 2131. The transaction amount has also increased along with the NEPSE index.

The turnover of Rs 5.02 billion the previous day rose to Rs 5.68 billion today. Although NEPSE increased, the prices of 161 companies decreased. Prices of 81 companies increased, while 5 companies remained stable.

The banking group grew the most at 4.23 per cent. Apart from banking, the development bank sector increased by 0.33 per cent, hotels and tourism by 1.90 per cent, business by 0.03 per cent, others by 0.61 per cent, non-life insurance by 0.60 per cent, microfinance by 1.1 per cent, manufacturing by 0.15 per cent, life insurance by 0.59 per cent, hydropower by 0.88 per cent, while the finance group decreased by 1.34 per cent.

Based on the transaction amount, Nerude Mirmire Microfinance, Pokhara Finance, CEDB Hydropower, First Microfinance, and Nabil Bank were ahead respectively.

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