NEPSE: The week ends on a positive note thanks to Hydropower and Development Banks

NEPSE index - feb 8

Kathmandu, February 8

On Thursday, the final trading day of the week, Hydropower Group led the stock market surge. The overall NEPSE index rose by 5.74 points, with the second-largest group, Hydropower, experiencing a notable increase of 1.44 per cent. On the contrary, the Banking sector saw a decline.

With today’s increase, NEPSE finished the week at 2,096.38 points. Moreover, the turnover has seen a rise, reaching Rs 3.12 billion on Thursday compared to Rs 2.84 billion on Wednesday.

With today’s increase, NEPSE has remained at 2,096.38 points. Similarly, the turnover has also increased. Rs 3.12 billion was traded on Thursday, compared to Rs 2.84 billion on Wednesday.

The Banking sector experienced a decrease of 0.48 points, while the life insurance sector saw a decline of 12.43 points, and the Other sector dropped by 11.94 points. On the other hand, the Development Bank increased by 26 points, Finance by 3 points, Hotel and Tourism by 18 points, Hydropower by 38 points, Manufacturing by 15 points, Microfinance by 20 points, Life Insurance by 41 points, and Business Group by 31 points.

Samaj Microfinance and Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower both saw a 10 per cent increase in their prices. Trishuli Hydropower Company experienced a 9.8 per cent price hike, Mayakhola Hydropower rose by 7.7 per cent, Swet Ganga Hydro by 7.4 per cent, Ingwa Hydropower by 7.3 per cent, Corporate Development Bank by 7.3 per cent, and Kisan Microfinance by 6.9 per cent. Conversely, the price of Ganapati Microfinance witnessed the most significant decline, dropping by 3.6 per cent.

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