NEPSE: All stock market indices fell, with the NEPSE at 1972 points


Kathmandu, April 17

On Thursday, the last trading day of the week, all the stock market indices fell. The NEPSE index fell by 19.56 points compared to the previous day. After the reduction of that number, NEPSE has remained at 1972 points. A total turnover of Rs 2.9 billion has been made.

A total of 211 companies’ prices decreased while 27 increased while six remained stable.

The price of Khanikhola hydropower increased the most by 7.9 per cent. The prices of Pokhara Finance increased by 6.2 per cent, Madhyabhotekoshi by 5.7 per cent, People’s Power by 5.5 per cent, Joshi Hydro by 4.5 per cent, Mykhola Hydropower by 4.3 per cent.

The price of Ruru Hydropower decreased by 10 per cent. Similarly, the value of Gorkha’s Finance decreased by 9.3 per cent and CYC Labhubitta by 6.12 per cent.

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