(Updated) Nepal adds 83 news cases to Covid-19 tally on Tuesday; new total is 217

Kathmandu, May 12

The Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed 26 new cases of coronavirus infection on Tuesday evening. With this, the number of Covid-19 cases has reached 217.

Earlier in the afternoon, 57 new cases had been confirmed, the highest number of cases confirmed in a single day.

Whereas most of the new cases confirmed in the past few days were from the southern part of the country, three cases confirmed last night are from Kathmandu Valley: one in Kathmandu and two in Bhaktapur districts.

(Updated at 4:15 am on Wednesday)

Nepal’s Covid-19 tally jumps by 57 to hit 191

Kathmandu, May 12

Officials of the Ministry of Health and Population have informed that 57 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed on Tuesday, taking the country’s tally to 191.

All of the newly infected cases are men, according to the ministry’s joint spokesperson Dr Sameer Kumar Adhikari. Of them, 39 are residents of Parsa, nine of Rupandehi, eight of Kapilvastu, and one of Bara.

Of late, the number of cases is steadily on the rise in the southern plains of the country.

Published on May 12th, Tuesday, 2020 1:17 PM

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  • Cabinet says: | May 13 2020 10:08am

    Even after almost 50 days of lockdown the entire quarentined lot not been tested. By now the entire lot should have been tested and available infrastucture pressure should have been relieved to accomodate new migrants who are coming in.

    People coming from India should have been placed in quarentine rather than sending back to their homes without conducting test.

    All inter state / district migration should have been placed on hold during lock down.

    With 50 plus days lockdown already business and economy is crippled and with all lapses and delay situation would turn to worse with further lockdown and this would lead to complete financial melt down.

    As finance minister has already stated that private business is not a Govt. affair so the entire private ecosystem would melt down due to these lapses and that certainly includes majority of the house holds. And to mention they dont have an access to donor agency grants to manipulate book of account for running their basic needs that is food, shelter, medication / health. Which would all get affected due to unemployment and would lead to further fiasco leading to other health issues including dipression etc. wich might not be under consideration yet unless spoon fed by some world body.

    There would be more death than would occur due all this than just the virus due to absimal or appropriate timely intervension by the Govt.

    Also certainly funds are required to keep things movingband including sustainance of health. So its not that why should economy be more important than health. Its rather required to sustain health and wellbeing of the nation.

    So economy need to open and the actors of the state should entirely focus on the pandemic issue and do the needful to control and stop it within a stipulated time frame and not rather open flòod gates like getting migrants etc. which is beyond their capacity to handel.

    Also the red tapism need to go off with a clear intent and not just diverting attension while claiming skies and moons which are not achievable in even a decade considering the present state ( technical capabilities, finance, infrastructure ). For example flying a rocket to launch a sattelite, mining and oil exploration, DNA analysis and Biotech…..these takes decades to horne on technology and funds more than 10X to the GDP of the country.

    Else it would be just a wishful thinking


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