Nepalis in the Gulf sending 600 oxygen cylinders to Nepal

File: Oxygen cylinders

Kathmandu, May 12

Nepali migrant workers in various countries in the Gulf have bought 600 oxygen cylinders to send to Nepal to help their motherland fight the Covid-19 crisis.

Bibek Jha, the president of the Non-resident Nepali Social Club in Oman, says each of these cylinders will have 40 litres. According to him, preparations are underway to send them to Nepal as soon as possible, adding the cylinders are likely to arrive in Kathmandu by coming Sunday.

Nepali Ambassador to Oman, Sharmila Parajuli, also says she has been talking with the Nepal Airlines Corporation in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to dispatch the oxygen cylinders.

Jha informs around Rs 7.5 million will be spent on the cylinders and the Non-resident Nepalis Association (NRNA)’s international coordination committee has assured him that there would not be any lack of money for that.

He says Nepalis in the Gulf have launched other initiatives also to help the country during this difficult time.

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