Nepal moots special campaign for water resource conservation

File: Drinking water supply in Kathmandu has always remained scarce.
File: Drinking water supply in Kathmandu has always remained scarce.

Kathmandu, February 2

The government is set to introduce the Integrated Water Resource Conservation Management Special Programme.

The Ministry of Water Supply has made necessary preparation to put in place a special campaign for water resource protection and conservation.

Minister Uma Kanta Chaudhary says the sources of drinking water have been drying up and straining due to earthquakes and climate change and the level of underground water has been depleting, so the ministry is mooting to place a campaign for water source conservation.

Such campaigns are to be implemented to conserve big reservoirs and to promote rainwater harvesting knowledge so as to ensure the continued supply of water in the dry season, it is shared.

A policy will be devised to protect trees and plants growing up in water resource areas so as to protect the moisturising nature of the land. “A special programme would be introduced for processed drainage system from this year onward”, the minister adds.

At a programme organised at the ministry, it was shared that necessary consultation and preparation have been made to put in place a nationwide campaign for quality testing of drinking water.

In the context of effectively implementing the budget for the management of drinking water resources to the disadvantaged households of Terai-Madhes, the Terai-Madhes Tubewell and Purity programme has been taken ahead in an emphatic manner, the ministry says.

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