Nepal prepares to lower the marriageable age from 20

deciding on marriage
Wedding ring. Photo: Flickr

Kathmandu, June 15

The government of Nepal is preparing to lower the marriageable age from 20 years, informs Law and Justice Minister Govinda Bandi.

Speaking in the House of Representatives meeting on Wednesday, the minister said the current legal provision about the marriageable age is not scientific, hence the government has started a procedure to review this.

“One gets citizenship at 16 and voting rights at 18,” Bandi said, “So, waiting for up to 20 years to marry is not a standard.”

He added, “It instead has increased crimes. People are being punished for child marriage.”

Occasionally, some lawmakers have been urging the government to lower the age threshold.

“Hence, it has to be reviewed,” the minister said.

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