Nepal schools to adopt letter grading system from grade 1 from now onwards

File image: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
File image: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Kathmandu, December 26

The government has decided to adopt a new letter grading system for the evaluation of school schools from grade 1 itself beginning from the current school year.

An official in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology says Education Minister Devendra Paudel has recently approved a guideline to implement the new system.

Hence, all the students from grades 1 to 12 will receive their final annual evaluations in the letter grading system from now onwards, according to the ministry’s spokesperson Deepak Sharma. Until now, the system was applied to grades 10-12 only.

The details of the grading are given below:

SNScore percentageGPAGradeExplanation
370-793.2B+Very good
8Below 34NGNot graded

As per the guideline, students have to get grade D in each subject to get promoted to the higher class.

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