Nepal fuel prices go up again

File: A car is being refilled with fuel. fuel prices
File: A car is being refilled with fuel.

Kathmandu, March 4

The government-run fuel distribution monopoly, Nepal Oil Corporation, has increased fuel prices yet again, making the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene all-time high.

As per the statement made by the corporation on Thursday evening, the following changes have been made to the new price:

ProductPrevious priceNew price
PetrolRs 145/litreRs 150/litre
Diesel/KeroseneRs 128/litreRs 133/litre

Previous to this, in the third week of February, the corporation had announced an increase in the fuel prices, making them at an all-time high.

The corporation has not increased the price of cooking gas now, but it says it incurs a heavy loss in the sale of petrol, diesel and LP gas.

With the fuel prices going up continuously every fortnight, there are concerns over its impact on various sectors of the economy whereas experts say the country needs to find alternatives soon.

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