National Assembly elections: Coalition almost sweeps with 18 members elected out of 19

National Assembly election

Kathmandu, January 26

On Thursday, 19 new members were elected to the National Assembly. Among them, 18 belong to the ruling coalition, while one is affiliated with the UML.

These individuals secured their positions through votes cast by members of the provincial assembly, as well as local-level chiefs and deputy chiefs.

Four members were elected in Bagmati Province, while three members each were elected in Gandaki, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim. Similarly, two members each were elected in Koshi, Madhesh, and Lumbini.

The term for the 19 individuals elected on Thursday, along with one person yet to be nominated by the President, will commence on March 4.

New elected National Assembly members:

Koshi: Krishna Prasad Sitaula (Nepali Congress), Rukmini Koirala (UML)
Madhesh: Ananda Prasad Dhungana (Nepali Congress), Pooja Chaudhary (JSP)
Bagmati: Jit Jung Basnet and Bishnu Devi Pudasaini (Nepali Congress), Shri Krishna Adhikari (Maoist), Ghanshyam Rijal (Unified Socialist).
Gandaki: Kiran Babu Shrestha and Padma Bahadur Pariyar (Nepali Congress), Manrupa Sharma (Maoist).
Lumbini: Vishnukumari Sapkota (Congress), Jhakku Prasad Subedi (Maoist).
Karnali: Savitri Malla (Unified Socialist), Bishnu BK(Maoist), Krishna Bahadur Rokaya (Nepali Congress)
Sudurpaschim: Narayan Bhatt and Baldev Bohra (Nepali Congress), Renu Chand (Maoist).

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