Narayanhiti Palace will soon boast a restaurant

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File image: Narayanhiti Palace

Kathmandu, January 4

Maybe it is bittersweet news for you: the Narayanhiti Palace Museum that occupies the residence and office of monarchs of the country that were in power until the birth of republicanism in 2008 will soon have a commercial restaurant to let the visitors dine in.

BPS Leasing and Management will establish the restaurant after signing an agreement with the Narayanhiti Palace Museum and Republic Memorial Management and Operation Committee. Currently, works are underway to construct various infrastructures on the western side of the main entrance of the museum.

It has been learned that the two parties have signed a three-year agreement, but the board’s executive director Bhesh Narayan Dahal says the rent is yet to be decided. Whereas Dahal says the board will get around Rs 500,000 a month, another source in the committee says the agreement mentions Rs 250,000 for the monthly rent.

There are comments that the rate is peanuts in the posh area of Darbarmarga.

Whereas stakeholders have expressed concerns over the preservation of the historical monuments and objects inside the museum, Dahal says the museum board was forced to rent out the land to generate funds.

“In other countries also, many big museums have cafeterias,” he says, “There is no security threat as the security personnel guard the palace round the clock.”

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