Madhesh capital’s illegal drug shops close as officials intensify monitoring

Janakpurdham, December 7

In Janakpurdham, the capital of Madhesh, illegal drug shop owners have closed their shops following increased monitoring by the Department of Drug Administration.

The team, led by Mukendra Panjiyar, the officer of the branch office in Birganj, has been conducting surveillance on drug shops and pharmacies since last Tuesday.

Sarfraz Ahmed Khan, the pharmacy officer of the Birgunj branch of the department, reported that many unregistered drug shop owners shut down their businesses and fled. Monitoring activities covered 65 hospitals, wholesale pharmacies, and drug stores. It was discovered that several hospitals operated without their pharmacies, instead being managed by outsiders who rented the premises.

Some registered drug stores were found without pharmacists, and individuals present claimed their absence was due to various reasons. Khan recommended that they either remain on-site as pharmacists or, in their absence, close the establishments.

This is not the first time that the illegal drug shop owners closed down their shop and fled, it had happened whenever they came under surveillance.

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