Mid-term in Koshi Province highly likely after Hikmat Karki resigns as chief minister

File: Hikmat Karki
File: Hikmat Karki

Biratnagar, October 8

Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Hikmat Karki, resigned from his post on Saturday.

During Saturday’s meeting of the Koshi Province Assembly, Karki announced his resignation. On October 4, in accordance with Article 168 (3) of the constitution, he submitted a proposal for a vote of confidence at the Koshi Province Assembly secretariat.

However, he announced his resignation from the post after realising that there was no possibility of obtaining a vote of confidence during the meeting.

Expressing his commitment to the supremacy of the constitution, he mentioned that he resigned from the post because the people of Koshi Province did not want an election.

Karki stressed that if the current context and complexities are neglected, a mid-term election in the province is inevitable. He further stated that achieving consensus, fostering collaboration, and uniting political parties is imperative to avert a mid-term election and establish a stable government.

He highlighted that forming a consensus government was the best alternative, as none of the political parties in the Koshi Province Assembly held a clear majority.

In light of this, the Governor of Koshi Province, Parshuram Khapung, has urged the formation of a government within a week.

Khapung urged the formation of the government in accordance with Article 168 (5) of the Constitution of Nepal, following Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki’s resignation from his post earlier on Saturday.

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