Maipokhari in Ilam: Treasure trove in the middle of the hills

Maipokhari situated in Eastern Nepal, Ilam is a wetland. With the onset of monsoon in the country, the weather in Ilam keeps changing and the morning here does not show the day.

So those who want to capture the beauty of Maipokhari have to overcome its challenging weather. However, you won’t regret the challenge as it makes your journey here even more interesting.


If you are capturing the beauty of Maipokhari from a drone, you will be hypnotised at a glance by its beauty.


Maipokhari, a calm pond is surrounded by dense forest and is located in the middle of the hills. And the environment here is very refreshing and misty that will let you forget your sorrows and woes.

When you go closer to the pond, you will realise that this reservoir is extended into nine corners and you can see beautiful lotus flowers floating on the water and colourful fishes swimming along.

Maipokhari offers a serene and pollution-free environment, providing an enchanting experience for visitors. The peaceful and spacious surroundings of Maipokhari are bound to captivate and leave you in awe. The tranquillity and natural beauty of the place create a truly captivating and rejuvenating atmosphere.

The pond and its surrounding area serve as an open museum, captivating those with a keen interest in biology and nature. It boasts abundant biological diversity, serving as a sanctuary for numerous animals and plants. It attracts biological explorers who visit the site regularly.

Moreover, it is a place for devotion too.

Nevertheless, the time has come for the development of sustainable tourism in this area, accompanied by efforts to promote it in a meaningful way. It is crucial to focus on strategies that ensure the preservation of the natural environment and local communities while providing enriching experiences for visitors. Through responsible and sustainable tourism practices, Maipokhari can be showcased in a way that benefits both the environment and the local community.

All photos: Kamal Prasai

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Prasai is a photographer, videographer and drone operator based in Kathmandu.

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