Hikmat Karki appointed as Chief Minister of Koshi Province

Hikmat Karki

Biratnagar, May 9

Hikmat Kumar Karki, the leader of the CPN-UML Koshi Province Parliamentary Party, has been appointed as the Chief Minister of Koshi Province.

He was appointed Chief Minister with the support of 52 MPs of UML and the Maoist Center.

UML leader Karki submitted a claim to the Chief Minister this morning after the provincial chief called for the formation of the government according to clause 5 of Article 168 of the Constitution.

Soon after, the signatures of the MPs who supported him were authenticated. After the introduction, the state chief Parshuram Khapung announced that Karki had been appointed as the chief minister. Outgoing Chief Minister Kedar Karki has approached the Supreme Court against the call for government formation.
A total of 47 votes are required for a majority in the 93-member provincial assembly. After 52 votes were cast in favour of Chief Minister Karki, the Chief Minister informed that the Chief Minister had been appointed.

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