Public vehicles in Kathmandu and other districts of Bagmati start charging hiked fares

File: A conductor collects the bus fare from a passenger in Kathmandu public transport fares public bus fares
File: A conductor collects the bus fare from a passenger in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, October 18

The increased public transport fares as decided by the Bagmati provincial government have come into effect in the province’s districts including the Kathmandu valley from Monday.

Owing to protests carried out by entrepreneurs in the run-up to Dashain, the biggest festival of Nepalis, the Bagmati provincial government had increased the public transport fares by 23 per cent. This also applies to public transport in Kathmandu as the federal capital is also a part of the province.

Following the hike, the passengers will be required to pay the following in the case of the Kathmandu valley:

  • Rs 18 for 0-5 km
  • Rs 23 for 0-10 km
  • Rs 27 for 0-15 km
  • Rs 30 for 0-20 km
  • Rs 35 for 20 km+

The ministry clarifies deluxe bus operators can also add 20 per cent to the standard fares. Likewise, bus operators can charge Rs 5 for every additional 10 kg of goods and baggage of the passengers although they are required to transport the load up to 15 kg for free.

The government, however, has not increased the fare of taxis.

In July, the federal government increased the fares of public transport operated at the inter-province level whereas the fares of transport within a province had remained the same as it is the provincial government’s jurisdiction. Consequently, public transport entrepreneurs of Kathmandu had launched a strike around two weeks ago.

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