Illegal riverbed mining continues unabated in Palpa

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Palpa, December 23

Smuggling of sand and aggregates from the river basins has increased in various parts of the Palpa district of late.

This practice is prevalent in the Kaligandaki river from Ridi to Rampur. Illegal mining of sand is reported also in the Ramdi area.

The sand is smuggled to other places in the Palpa district and towards Syangja as well.

Incidences of sand smuggling are also found increasing along the Nishdikhola rivulet for the last few months, according to locals.

The exploitation of natural resources has intensified due to the negligence of the local administration and the local governments.

The illegal mining of sand from the banks of rivers and streams has increased the risk of landslides and floods.

Meanwhile, police have impounded three tractors involved in the aggregate smuggling recently.

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