Holi formally begins with installation of Chir at Basantapur


Kathmandu, March 17

Chir has been installed at Basantapur, as a mark of the commencement of Fagu or Holi festival today. Chir is a bamboo pole decorated with a tuft of colourful pieces of cloth in three tiers at the top end. It symbolises the formal beginning of the festival in the Kathmandu Valley and nationwide.

Following the completion of the Holi festival, people would collect the pieces of clothes from the Chir and keep them in their homes with the belief that it would bring good luck to them. The Chir will be dispersed in local Tundikhel. This year, the festival falls on March 24 in hilly districts including the districts in the Kathmandu Valley and it is being observed on March 25 in the Terai/Madhesh.

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