Foreigners won’t need to stay in quarantine in Nepal soon if they have got Covid-19 vaccines

Kathmandu, January 29

The government is preparing to relax Covid-19 safety provisions for foreign tourists, by conditionally removing the requirement of quarantine for some foreign tourists.

According to the new proposal, the visitors are not obliged to stay in quarantine if they have already received Covid-19 vaccines. Further, they are eligible for an on-arrival visa.

Tourism Minister Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal says the proposal will be forwarded to the cabinet via the Central Covid-19 Crisis Management Committee soon.

Currently, those coming from another country are required to stay in a 10-day quarantine before visiting their trip. Many people believe this provision has given the impression that Nepal is still closed for the tourists.

Just a few days ago, the Nepal Tourism Board had also proposed relaxing the health protocol for tourists.

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