Flocks of birds impacted flight operations at Pokhara International Airport

Pokhara Regional International Airport Pokhara Airport
File Photo: Pokhara Regional International Airport

Kathmandu, March 24
Flight operations have been affected after flocks of birds arrived at Pokhara International Airport. According to airline sources, due to birds’ activities on Sunday morning, the airport remained closed.

Today, due to the birds’ activity, flight 673 of Yeti Airlines from Kathmandu to Pokhara could not land in Pokhara and landed in Kathmandu an hour later. Flight 690 on the same route from Pokhara to Kathmandu was also delayed.

Buddha Air flights have also been affected. Despite efforts, the airport’s opening and closing schedule continues after 10 am due to birds’ activities.

The airport, which opened around 11 am this morning, is closed again.

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