Govt in a mood of changing the language of embossed number plates into Nepali

embossed number plates
File: An embossed number plate system is being installed onto a vehicle.

Kathmandu, July 24

The government is preparing to change the language of the embossed number plates into Nepali owing to criticism from stakeholders.

Currently, the government has been distributing the vehicle registration plates in English, and it has been one of the reasons why the stakeholders and public are against the government’s plan of making the embossed number plate system compulsory.

But, moved by the resentments, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport has begun consulting stakeholders about the change in the language.

A representative of the contractor assigned the number plate printing job, Tiger Decatur, says the company has been asked what the government needs to do to change the language. “Now, we will consult the experts and send our response. We will also inform them of additional expenses if needed.”

An official at the Ministry of Law says the Transport Ministry has also asked them about any legal complications involved in the change.

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