Dengue infections soaring, cases exceed 10,000

dengue outbreak
Credit: Jaramillo Hector Sergio

Kathmandu, August 10

The cases of dengue fever are soaring in the country. According to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, the disease has spread to 74 districts with 10,726 cases reported as of August 9.

Seven people have died so far.

Division director Dr Rudra Prasad Marasini informed that monsoon rains and inadequate sanitation practices have led to the rise of the disease. If the ongoing trend persists, the infection is anticipated to reach its peak during August-September.

In 2022, the country reported 54,784 cases with 88 fatalities.

Among the districts dealing with the infection, Sunsari reports the highest- 6,041 cases.

Nepal reported its first dengue case in 2004.

The government has appealed o everyone to use mosquito nets and wear full sleeves clothes when outside. Similarly, it has recommended the use of mosquito repellant coil, liquid or ointment, proper management of domesticated animals and removal of puddles.

Marasini also said all government hospitals treat dengue patients free of cost.

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