Dengue infections surge to 38,059 cases by September

Dengue infections - mosquito - malaria Dengue outbreak
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Kathmandu, October 11

The Ministry of Health and Population has reported that the number of dengue infections surpassed 38,000 by September.

According to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division‘s data, the infection has now spread to 76 districts, totalling 38,059 cases. In 2023, there have been 20 reported fatalities to date.

Dr Rudra Marasini, Director of the Division, said there is a continued risk of further increase in infections.

Province-wise data reveals that the highest number of cases, totalling 23,905 (62.08 per cent), have been reported in the Koshi Province, whereas Karnali has the lowest infection rate, with only 128 cases (0.03 percent).

Across the provinces, the reported dengue cases are as follows: Madhes Province accounts for 590 cases (1.06 per cent), Bagmati with 4,883 cases (12.08 per cent), Gandaki with 6,818 cases (17.09 per cent), Lumbini with 655 cases (1.07 per cent), and Sudurpaschim Province with 1,080 cases (2.08 per cent).

In August alone, the total number of dengue cases reached 13,846. This number decreased to 11,580 in September and further dropped to 4,790 as of October 11.

The Division noted that in the same period last year, there were 17,889 recorded cases of dengue in October.

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