Dating in Kathmandu? Try these 8 ideas to get the best from your time together

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“What do you want to do?” It is a question that most dating couples ask each other. New or old, this is a question that plagues everyone that is in a relationship. Even though the Kathmandu valley has so much to offer, couples still find a hard time deciding what to do.

To help these couples, today, we have brought you a list of activities that you can do here in the valley. These dating ideas range from simple to adventurous, so pick your poison accordingly and make sure that both of you are on board before indulging in these activities, because always remember dating is fun.

1. A bike or car ride to the hills

File: A view of the Kathmandu valley from a hilltop.

As the valley is mostly crowded, getting out of the valley is the best option for some quiet time between the two of you while dating. Apart from Saturdays or public holidays, the roads to places like Nagarkot, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Ghyampe DandaKakani and Chobhar are generally empty so why not plan a ride to these places and enjoy the views from the top. While you are there, please stay and enjoy the magical sunset that treats Kathmandu between October and February. 

2. Movies

Movie dates rarely go wrong. Thanks to so many multiplexes opening in and around Kathmandu, all you need to do is pick a movie to go and watch. Go for ice cream afterwards.

3. Hiking

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There is something pleasing about hiking around the hills. If you do not like bike or car rides, this is an alternate dating idea as it will show you how fit the person is and how they deal with adversity. If it is the first time, go to a place like Chandragiri from where you can take a cable car back. If both of you are pro hikers, try and do a route that you have not done before. Remember to walk slowly, breathe and most importantly, enjoy the views.

4. Adventure activities

adventure sports
Photo: Chandra Bahadur Ale

This is only for those who love an adventure while dating. There are so many activities that you can indulge in. If you want something close, there are a lot of wall climbing places around the valley where you can hype each other up to reach the top of a particular route. If you want something away from the valley, why not try bungee jumping at The Last Resort or rafting in the Trishuli river? Adventures are a fun way to know each other.

5. Going out for a meal

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As boring as it may sound, this is something that is still one of the best dating ideas. While a romantic candlelight dinner is the best date idea, breakfast dates have their own charm. 

6. Concert 

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With Kathmandu’s music scene bustling, why not go to a show of either of your favourite artists? Trust us, you will have a great time while also knowing what type of music they like. It might also be a new experience for one of you so make sure you are generous. The lighting in concerts are also quite romantic and who knows you might even dance together to the tune of your favourite artist making your dating memorial forever? 

7. Strolling around the valley’s heritage sites

Hanumandhoka Durbar. Photo: William Gary Rutley Wornell
Hanumandhoka Durbar. Photo: William Gary Rutley Wornell

Holding hands walking the historical places around the Kathmandu valley while dating is quite underrated. Sure, it is cliched, but there is a certain charm in it. Imagine sitting on the benches or the patis at these heritage sites watching the city walk by. It is a story you can maybe tell your grandkids when you are old.

8. Exhibitions

Photo: Shankar Giri

Art is something that brings out different emotions in a person. This is why taking someone on a date to an exhibition is best as you get to see their organic reactions after observing art. This will also give you more to talk about during future dates as well. Who knows going to exhibitions might be your thing in the future?

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