Chief Minister of Koshi assures to expand the government within this week

Hikmat Karki

Biratnagar, May 13

Koshi Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki has said that the government will be expanded within this week.

After taking the vote of confidence in the provincial assembly on Monday, he talked to the journalists and said that the government would be expanded within this week. Karki said that only the UML and the Maoist Centre would join the government immediately.

Chief Minister Karki says that since the Janata Samajwadi Party split and the Election Commission has given time to the state assembly member to choose a party, he will not participate in the government immediately. Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal’s only MP in Koshi is Nirmala Limbu.

Similarly, Chief Minister Karki said that since the United Socialists, who gave a vote of confidence to the Chief Minister on Monday, said that they will remain in the opposition for the time being, they will not participate in the government.

On Monday in Koshi province, when he asked for a vote of confidence, 57 members of the provincial assembly including UML, Maoist Centre, United Samajwadi Party and JSP voted. Nepali Congress boycotted the meeting while RPP remained neutral.

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