This man cannot walk independently. Now he hopes his artworks will take him around the world

For the past six years, Ramesh Barahi has been trying his hand at painting, but he does not have the comfort of boasting himself as an artist at various events and gatherings. Owing to a physical disability, he cannot move alone. Yet, this 32-year-old man from Sundhara of the ancient Patan city in Kathmandu is […]

What Astha Raut’s father has to say about the airport controversy

Hari Bahadur Raut is a renowned folk musician of the country. However, since the past week, people are identifying her as the father of Astha Raut. As Astha is also a popular singer of the country, Hari Bahadur should have been proud of the identity. In fact, he is always proud of his daughter. That’s […]