In locked down Nepal, webinars are popular. But, spammers frequently spoil them

On April 27, NxtGen, a nonprofit organisation under the Pulchowk Engineering Campus, hosted a webinar on Covid-19 preparedness for students. During the event, the organisers noticed some audience members from fake email addresses violating cybersecurity laws, which left the audience and the speakers tense. The organisers think their purpose of joining the webinar was disturbing […]

#NEPALVSCOVID19: Nepalis devise virtual solutions to Covid-19-induced health, education problems

Across the world, many cities have been in lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The lockdown has bound many of the people within the walls of their houses, but it has not been able to restrict their minds. In this new normal, many are using virtual communication mediums and have come forward with […]