9 skills to learn today: Make it a hobby or start earning from it

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Life is a neverending journey of learning. As a human being who wants to thrive in their life every day, you never stop learning. But the question is now what to learn. There are a lot of skills to learn and master. However, in this day and age, there are some skills that if you have they can be taken forward as your hobby, your side job or even your full-time job.

It is all about learning a new thing, finding the resources and then putting your time and effort into learning it, and then practising it. So here are some skills to learn that you can start today.


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Coding is among those vital skills to learn in this digital era. Coding enhances problem-solving and logical thinking, breaking complex issues into manageable parts. Additionally, coding nurtures creativity and innovation, enabling unique projects to solve real-world issues or entertain others. Embrace coding’s potential today and witness your skills and opportunities flourish.

Countless career opportunities arise as companies seek skilled developers, providing a competitive edge in the job market. It enables diverse applications in web development, data analysis, AI, and cybersecurity, empowering you to create websites, automate tasks, and analyse data. You can learn Python or Java to start with, which you can do with online courses or take offline classes. 

Digital marketing

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Digital marketing is crucial for promoting products and services online, given the growing internet-based consumer base. Mastering digital marketing drives business growth, improves customer experiences, and opens exciting opportunities in the ever-changing digital landscape. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or digital enthusiast, this becomes one of those essential skills to learn in order to stay ahead.

It is integral to create digital campaigns, measure their success and impact as well as make informed decisions in one’s business. Analysing data from various channels additionally helps marketers understand customer behaviour, optimise strategies, and enhance campaigns. It can also be among those easy skills to learn online with dedicated blog sites, or other online courses including topics like digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation. Offline courses are also easily available.

Graphic design

Graphic design includes the art of visual content creation, covers, logos, websites, and marketing materials. It allows one to blend artistic skills with problem-solving, offering versatility and excitement. Whether freelancing or in a design agency, graphic design’s potential is boundless. Like digital marketing, it also requires understanding the target audience and the message to convey ensuring effective communication through design, colour theory and the use of shapes.

Adapting to evolving technology and design trends keeps designers competitive, hence this becomes one of those important skills to learn. Experimenting with new tools fuels creativity, offering fresh solutions to design challenges. To learn and be updated, there are online courses to sign up for and free platforms to learn and experiment with different designs and ideas.

Photography/ Videography

Photography is the art of capturing images and it is a valuable skill for photography enthusiasts or aspiring photographers. Whereas videography deals with the knowledge of how to capture moving images and integrate storytelling. Both will require attention to detail, patience, and capturing the subjects’ essence. Developing a unique artistic style sets you apart.

These visual arts offer platforms for creativity, self-expression, and evoking emotions through imagery. You can embark on this visual storytelling journey and let your creativity soar. For these some skills to learn can be tips and tricks as well as courses on photography, including camera types, understanding of composition, lighting, and post-processing as well as cinematography basics like camera angles, framing, and video editing can be important skills to learn.

Photo/Video editing

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Having photo and video editing skills is essential for personal projects and more so if you want to do professional content creation. Visual editing demands creativity and storytelling abilities, empowering you to capture subjects, angle frames, shape mood, pace, and overall impact. With thoughtful shot selection, you can evoke emotions, build suspense, and deliver powerful messages either in photo or video format.

Photo and video editing enhances visual quality, adds effects, and creates or highlights cohesive narratives, perfect to use in blogs, YouTube channels, or social media. And to get proficiency in video editing opens opportunities in diverse industries including marketing, business, and communication. You can use your skills to learn how to create promotional content, educational materials, or engaging social media videos for the right audience. To learn the tools and techniques you will get an ample amount of resources online, but it will be about practising and getting that finesse in your work.

Public speaking

Fear of public speaking
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Public speaking is a life skill that everybody should have. It is a skill one needs to have clear and confident communication with groups, and this even benefits presentations as well as aids career advancement. Books, podcasts, and local clubs offer additional resources for enhancing public speaking and enabling you to embrace speaking competitions for valuable practice and peer feedback.

But with consistent practice and dedication, one can gain confidence in effective public speaking, unlocking personal and professional opportunities. Invest in this worthwhile pursuit for career growth, personal development, and impactful communication. This can even help you be social and help you with other skills to learn.

Foreign language 

Learning a new language enhances cognitive abilities, and communication skills, and opens doors to new cultures. To begin you can use language learning apps, online courses, or language exchange platforms. Interactive apps are also there nowadays that can cover vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in a fun way, in the form of games making this one of those easy skills to learn. You can still take online or offline courses to learn a foreign language.

Connect with native speakers and practice speaking and listening. Or immerse yourself in the language through movies, TV shows, podcasts, music, books, and articles if you feel more comfortable that way. They can help to familiarise with sounds and cultural context. 

If you are serious about learning consider advanced courses, immersion programs, or travelling to the country to deepen your understanding and gain cultural insights.


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Whether a novice or experienced cook, cooking or having culinary skills is very important, one of those skills to learn that is connected to basic needs. So, enhance your culinary skills by exploring cooking tutorials or enrolling in virtual cooking classes. Online resources, like YouTube and food blogs, offer video tutorials from talented chefs and home cooks, guiding you in baking, grilling, and mastering diverse cuisines.

Structured virtual cooking classes on TV shows, blogs and recipe guides with provide step-by-step demonstrations. Practice regularly to gain confidence and proficiency in cooking, and do not forget to experiment as well to broaden your palate and understanding of culinary traditions.

Playing a musical instrument

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If you are more artistic in nature, then among the skills to learn you can also consider this. Start your musical journey by choosing an instrument that captivates you. Once you have chosen your instrument, delve into online tutorials and video lessons on platforms like YouTube. Explore online tutorials, videos, and practices or take virtual or even offline lessons from a music teacher. There are many options to start with.

You can also explore interactive apps and websites to enhance learning with sheet music, exercises, and virtual ensembles. Follow along at your pace, mastering beginner to advanced techniques. But consistent practice and exploration of genres and virtual jam sessions lead to steady improvement and musical fulfilment.

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