Panchebaja: This unique cultural showpiece is regaining strength over imported ‘band baja’

Dhan Bahadur Nepali, 39 came to Kathmandu 22 years ago with a lot of hopes and dreams. One of those dreams was to become a part of a panchebaja band that played in weddings and other religious events but he soon realised that it wasn’t going to be that easy. Growing up in a Damai […]

Asar 15: This festival connects everyday life of Nepali farmers with fun and fanfare

Monsoons in Nepal are particularly soothing. The rain not only freshens up the atmosphere, but it also washes the physical dirt. There is something calming about the sound of the monsoon rain which is accompanied by the croaking of frogs and view of lush green fields everywhere. In a country where a major part of […]