Bamdev Gautam also using Maoist Centre’s symbol to contest November elections

Bamdev Gautam
File image: Bamdev Gautam

Kathmandu, August 16

After Baburam Bhattarai, Bamdev Gautam is also using the CPN-Maoist Centre’s election symbol (the hammer and sickle in a circle) during the House of Representatives elections in November.

The former CPN-UML leader has also registered a party named NCP Unification Campaign saying he would make efforts to bring the UML and the Maoist Centre together again. However, with no party caring about his campaign anymore, Gautam has been rendered irrelevant in Nepali politics.

Yet, as Gautam wished to contest the elections, and the Maoist Centre agreed to leave one constituency for him, according to the party’s spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

Gautam says this should not be interpreted as a party merger as he will continue efforts to bring the UML and the Maoist Centre together.

“But, for now, the Maoists’ election symbol is easy to use,” Gautam says.

Earlier, the Baburam Bhattarai-led Nepal Samajbadi Party has also decided to use the Maoist Centre’s election symbol for the elections.

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