Around 4,500 Nepalis returning home from India daily

Nepal’s Ambassador to India, Nilamber Acharya

Kathmandu, May 4

Around 4,500 Nepalis working in India are returning home daily these days with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hitting both the countries hard.

Speaking in a virtual meeting of the Women and Social Committee in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Nepal’s Ambassador to India Nilamber Acharya said most of these returnees are residents of the Sudurpaschim province.

“However, we are requesting them not to go home as far as possible although we cannot force them because they might have the desire to be with relatives, parents and children during the pandemic,” Acharya said, “But, there might to be further risks of infection on the way.”

In the current wave of the pandemic, 23 Nepalis in India have died of Covid-19, according to Acharya. “But, the situation is graver than this. Our statistics are incomplete.”

Acharya claimed the embassy was helping infected Nepalis get access to hospitals.

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