Activists demand the new child rights policy revised to make it queer-friendly

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Kathmandu, June 10

Rights activists have demanded that the country’s new child rights policy be friendly to the queer community.

An online session held on Thursday discussed and pointed the need for change in the proposed policy draft.

In the session, organisers presented a collective document with suggestions for the necessary change in the draft. The points were jointly made by Campaign for Change, Queer.Disable, Nepali Asexuals, Blue Diamond Society, Queer Youth Group, and Federation of Sexual and Gender Minorities Nepal in coordination with Hami DajuVai. 

The group submitted the suggestions to the National Child Rights Council (NCRC).

Esan Regmi, the executive director of Campaign for Change, briefed the session and said, “Our major concerns have been divided into four division including concerns of intersex children, transgender children, non-binary and third gender children, and children with diverse sexual orientation.”

Responding to the suggestions, the NCRC Executive Director Milan Dharel expressed his solidarity with the activists and suggested they required more data-based research as evidence for a better, systematic process further.

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