Only 3-4 Madheshis on the list of 80 High Court judges? Where’s fair share, Morcha wants to know

Upendra-Yadav-and-Mahantha-Thakur-Madhesi-Morcha (1)

Kathmandu, January 13

Madheshi Morcha has objected to the appointment of judges at the High Court, pointing that the appointment was not inclusive.

Taking part in Friday’s meeting at the call of Prime Minister Prachanda, Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party President Mahantha Thakur said there were only 3-4 Madheshi candidates in the team of 80 judges. He said this is unacceptable.

At the meeting, a furious Upendra Yadav, president, Federal Socialist Forum, said: On what grounds shall we talk with the government now?

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