24 per cent rise in number of foreign tourists visiting Nepal in 2018

Kathmandu, January 8

Nepali tourism saw a growth of 24 per cent as over 1.1 million foreign tourists came to Nepal in 2018 surpassing last year’s figure of 940,218.

According to Nepal Tourism Board, a total of 969,287 tourists came via air and 203,785 tourists came via land.

Nepal saw a significant rise in the number of Chinese tourists as over 50,000 more Chinese visited Nepal.

Tourists coming to Nepal from SAARC countries increased by 26.3 per cent as over 200,000 tourists came from India. Similarly, there was a 55 per cent rise in the number Sri Lankan tourists coming to Nepal as compared to last year.

The number of American tourists coming to Nepal increased as well along with Australian, English and European tourists.

Tourism stakeholders are happy to have reached the magic number, which was envisioned over two decades ago.

“This was possible only because all of us worked hard. The coordination between government agencies, tourism entrepreneurs and media has helped us take tourism to the next step,” says NTB CEO Deepak Raj Joshi.

Nepal Tourism Board has aimed to bring in two million tourists by 2020. But this aim is full of hurdles.

The Tourism Board believes that it would be easy to bring in tourists if a new international airport would be ready by 2020.

Published on January 8th, Tuesday, 2019 4:52 PM

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