22 rhinos died in Chitwan in the past year

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Chitwan, June 29

Twenty-two rhinos died in Chitwan National Park this fiscal year.

The park reports that among them, 20 individuals died due to natural causes, while two were killed by poachers.

Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, the park’s information officer, said in the fiscal year 2018/19, 43 rhinos died from natural causes. In the years since then, the number of rhinos dying due to natural causes has been decreasing.

Tiwari said the rhinos died in Chitwan due to old age, tiger attacks, crocodile attacks, injuries, entanglement and electrocution.

He further noted that the implementation of effective grassland and water management practices within the park likely contributed to a decrease in the mortality rate, as the rhinos were less inclined to venture outside the park’s boundaries.

Following a significant number of rhinos dying from natural causes in 2018/19, the Chitwan National Parks and Department of Wildlife Conservation established a dedicated team to conduct a study.

Tiwari expressed the park’s commitment to reducing the mortality rate of rhinoceros due to natural causes, especially after implementing suggestions provided by the team.

The most recent census reveals that Chitwan National Park is now home to 694 rhinos.

While the park has faced past challenges with poaching resulting in the loss of numerous rhinos, there has been a noticeable decline in such incidents in recent years.

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