Govt demands a 14-year sentence on rape-accused Paul Shah

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Kathmandu, March 18

The district government attorney’s office in the Nawalpur district of Gandaki on Thursday filed a case against actor Paul Shah at the district court, accusing him of raping a minor.

The office has demanded the court hand him down a 14-year jail sentence.

“We have obtained evidence of the crime from all angles,” SP Prajwal Maharjan, the chief of the district police office that led the investigation against the actor, says, “As the law has it that a person raping a girl aged 14-16 faces a jail term of 12-14 years, we have sought the maximum possible punishment against him.”

Whereas the police in Tanahun are interrogating Paul Shah as they received a complaint that he raped a minor, recently, another similar complaint had been filed against him at the Nawalpur District Police Office also.

It has been learned that the same minor’s parent has filed the complaints in two districts as Shah raped the minor at different places repeatedly.

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