Nepali Congress, Madheshi parties fail to materialise partnership

Kathmandu, November 2 Despite month-long negotiations, the Nepali Congress has failed to build an election alliance with two major Madhesh-centric parties: Rastriya Janata Party Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal. After the negotiation bids with the Congress failed, the two regional powerhouses are partnering with each-other for the polls. The three parties had discussed three models […]

RJPN to field Mahantha Thakur as chief ministerial candidate in Province 2

Kathmandu, November 1 The Rastriya Janata Party Nepal has decided to field the coordinator of its presidium Mahantha Thakur for the provincial assembly elections in Province 2. The party says Thakur will be the party’s candidate for the chief minister if he wins the provincial assembly elections scheduled for December 7. “We have agreed to […]

RJPN General Secretary says Congress not committed to democratic alliance

Kathmandu, October 29 Rastriya Janata Party Nepal’s General Secretary Manish Kumar Suman says the Nepali Congress party has not been committed to forming the democratic alliance among like-minded parties. Speaking with journalists in Kathmandu today, the leader said the Congress party did not show any interest in forming a strong alliance. “Partnering with other parties […]

Key RJPN youth leaders defect to Maoist Centre

Kathmandu, October 24 Some key leaders of the youth wing of Madhesh-centric Rastriya Janata Party Nepal have quit the party and joined the CPN-Maoist Centre on Tuesday. The Tarai Madhesh Volunteers Association’s Chairman Ajaya Patel, General Secretary Anil Kushbaha, student leader Sandesh Patel and professor leader Arjun Patel among others joined the Maoist party today. […]

RJPN leaders stage sit-in demanding corrections in PR closed list

Kathmandu, October 18 A group of central leaders of Rastriya Janata Party Nepal has staged a sit-in at the party’s central office in Kathmandu demanding that the closed list of party’s proportional representation candidates for upcoming provincial and federal parliamentary elections be corrected. They have accused the party leadership of preparing the list on the […]

Forum, RJPN agree to partner; but undecided about joining democratic alliance

Kathmandu, October 6 The Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal, led by Upendra Yadav and Mahantha Thakur, have decided to form an alliance for upcoming provincial and federal parliamentary polls. The parties, however, are yet to decide whether to join the democratic alliance to be formed under the leadership of Nepali Congress. […]